Tenant will pay one-half of their total rental fee as security deposit.

Rental rates for Jewel Manor Estates are located on the Rate Page.



Balance due must be received by the Owner/Agent 30 days prior to arrival.

Should you decide to cancel your booking after we have received your rental check, and we are unable to re-rent
your dates, your rent will be entirely forfeited.  We are not able to trade or bank your booked dates for another time
in the future.

Check-In time 3:00 p. m. Check-out time 10:00 a. m.  Check- outs beyond 10 a.m. are subject to penalties.


Check-out is 10:00 a.m. sharp.  If available, you may request a late check-out, up to 5:00 p. m., provided we have no guest
check-in the day of your departure.  You must arrange this advance with Agent  The late check-out fee is $150.  This option is
popular with Sunday football fans.


Security Deposits are partially refundable or kept entirely for the following reasons.

1. Over-occupancy of more than 14 total people to the home is not permitted. 
2. Canceling booking within 3 weeks of expected visit.
3. Undeclared pets.
4. Undeclared large events, such as weddings.
5. Signs of smoking inside the home.  Smoking is permitted only outside the home
6. Excessive cleaning required over staff's normal 4 hour visit.
7. A $55 fee will be assessed for any missing remote controls.
8. Late check-outs in excess of two hours will be billed at $150.

All properties are equipped and furnished to the owner's taste and are set-up for light housekeeping.  Mattress pads, pillows,
 blanket and bedspreads are provided.  Tenant is responsible to pay replacement of any furnishings, linens, fixtures or equipment
that is damaged during their stay.

We make every effort to ensure that all equipment within each rental is in working order.  In the event of a breakdown, we
will strive to repair it as soon as possible after being notified of a problem.  We cannot guarantee that spas, televisions,
appliances, high-speed access, etc. will not breakdown during your stay and therefore, no refunds or adjustments will be
made for mechanical failure.  Furthermore, there will be no refunds or adjustments made for any other unexpected situation
 beyond our control such as bugs, rodents, weather and the like.

When you lease the home, you assume full responsibility for it and its contents, as well as your personal property.   Always lock
the doors and windows when you leave.  Lock your automobiles and put away any rental equipment.  Any use of the home for
other than strictly family vacation purposes is restricted.  Weddings, receptions, parties or functions held on the property are not

All homes are equipped with telephones for your convenience and safety.  Please do not abuse this privilege or jeopardize your
security deposit by charging or receiving long distance calls to the Owner's phone through regular long distance calls, FAX
machines or personal computers.

This is a non-smoking home.  Undeclared pets and smoking will forfeit your security deposit.

While we will do our best to accommodate you within  items left behind within 2 weeks, you are responsible for anything left at
the home Please be sure to pack everything out.  Neither Agent of Owner are responsible for lost, stolen, or abandoned items. 
There will be a fee plus shipping for any found and returned items.

All services are subcontracted threw affiliates of Jewel Manor Estates.  We are not responsible for any other companies
contracts, such as rental cars, personal chefs, concierge, or any other types of  services.

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